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There are a lot of subdivisions in Lafayette and West Lafayette Indiana, but we wanted to offer some statistics for a handful of communities to hopefully help the community at large to see how our market is doing. So the first community we have decided to give a review on is Arbor Chase. Arbor Chase is a subdivision in West Lafayette located north of Kalberer Road and West of Soldiers Home Road. They are a community that likes softball and garage sales (annual garage sale usually is the 2nd Saturday of June).

Statistics for Arbor Chase in 2013

So, what about the statistics in Arbor Chase? What is going on with this subdivision? Well, in 2013, there were 36 homes sold. Of the homes sold, the highest sales price was $476,500, with the lowest sales price being $197,500. On average, the sales price was about $310,395 for this subdivision, the median being $310,383. This means that the average price per finished square foot was at $112.08/sq. ft.

In terms of price ranges, Arbor Chase had the following:

Price Range (in thousands)

Number of Homes











Homes that Sold

The homes that sold in Arbor Chase in 2013 were the following:

3619 Famsworth Dr, 3348 Shrewsbury Dr, 3335 Shrewsbury Dr, 3652 Farnsworth Dr, 3342 Cardigan Ct, 3668 Farnsworth Dr, 3606 Cardigan Lane, 3484 Tunbridge Way, 3608 Farnsworth Dr, 3649 Farnsworth Dr,3604 Farnsworth Dr, 3669 Farnsworth Dr, 3430 Tunbridge Way, 3463 Tunbridge Way, 3649 Brixford Lane, 3703 Brixford Lane, 3628 Famsworth Dr, 3421 Tunbridge Dr, 3665 Farnsworth Dr, 3436 Tunbridge, 3421 Tunbridge, 3422 Brixford Ln, 3461 Brixford Lane, 3711 Dartmouth Place, 3630 Swansea Dr, 3444 Bumley, 3513 Westmoreland, 3404 Brixford Ave, 3604 Litchfield Lane, 3406 Bumley Dr, 3673 Westmoreland Dr, 3628 Westmoreland Dr, 3652 Litchfield, 3644 Litchfield Lane, 3423 Bumley, and 3130 Dartmouth.

The information presented here is based off of statistics from our local IRMLS (Indiana Regional Multiple Listings Service) and is only intended to give a general idea of what the market in Arbor Chase is currently doing. If you would like a more accurate representation of what your home is worth, give us a call at 765-404-5095 or fill out our CMA request form here.

You can find more information on the Homeowner’s Association of Arbor Chase and the community events at the HOA’s website here. Or you can contact them via the information below:

Arbor Chase Home Owners Association
P.O. Box 4033
Lafayette, IN 47903
Tim Shriner,

The short and sweet statistics:

Homes Sold in 2013: 36

Highest Sales Price: $476,500

Lowest Sales Price: $197,500

Average Sales Price: $310,395

Median Sales Price: $310,383

Average Price Per Finished Sq Ft: $112.08

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