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106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906

106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group - Listings in West Lafayette Indiana

“It’s our second house, but we think it may be our last. We don’t intend to move again. This place is perfect. Sure! Tomorrow’s perfect. 106 Tamiami Trail. Yup! Ok, we’ll see you then!”

The phone conversation sounded lopsided, but knowing your mom, it was likely one of her friends from the home-school co-op you belonged to. You looked to her as she hung up the phone. “Tomorrow’s the day we’re supposed to visit grandma.”

She hesitated and then looked at the phone. “Well, we’ll go early to see grandma and be back before then. Have you finished y
our Algebra?”


“Sam! We setup the third bedroom to be an office for you so you could concentrate on your school work. Why don’t you have it done?”

You shrugged and quickly changed the subject, “Are we going to work on Japanese this week?”

“Not until you get to your Algebra!”

With a sigh, you resigned yourself to the inevitable and slunk off to the office in the 3rd bedroom. The other two bedrooms of 106 Tamiami Trail were actual bedrooms, but this one was the perfect place to focus in on schoolwork. At least, thats what your parents thought. That’s one of the reasons they bought 106 Tamiami Trail. On the pretense of gathering up laundry, you heard your mom going from room to room of the house trying to make sure you were doing your homework. With over 2,000 square feet, it took her a few minutes. But eventually she found you doing your homework just as she had intended.

She quietly left you to the homework and took the laundry to the laundry room. She then began cleaning up the rest of the house. The fireplace still needed cleaned as did the large foyer. Despite being here for two months now, the fireplace had only been used twice. The fall was turning out to be pretty moderate and things were rather busy. But the foyer was constantly getting used. So the foyer was the next thing to clean in 106 Tamiami Trail. The day wore on with more cleaning, but eventually you got up and decided to get some air. You went to the deck off the back of the house to finish up the rest of the Algebra only to find your mom already out there in her coat, enjoying the new patio set they had just bought.

You both quietly sat together for a few minutes just looking over the backyard before she asked, “So, what do you think of 106 Tamiami Trail?”

You answered, “It’s alright.”

“If we weren’t forcing you to do your homework in the office, what would you think of it then?”

“It’s the perfect home for us!”

She laughed. “Ah Sam. You’re such a teenager.”

“You’re such a mom.”

You both continued to enjoy the view for a few more minutes before she got up. “I’m going to go enjoy our new kitchen where I actually have room to cook. What do you want for lunch?”

106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group - Listings in West Lafayette Indiana


“Hotdogs it is! Finish your Algebra.”

You smiled. 106 Tamiami Trail certainly had changed things for the better. You pulled open your Algebra book and began reading.

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