Age of Homes in America

Some prefer homes built at a certain date range because of the construction methods used or materials used. Others prefer to buy new to avoid any issues with building codes when they go to sell again. Other’s don’t really care about the age as long as it’s a quality home. Whatever the case may be, if you are in the market, it’ll be good to know what to expect in terms of the age of homes.

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The Age of Homes

According to the July/August 2014 edition of REALTOR(R) Magazine, 55% of homes are about 15-54 years old. That means over half of the homes in America are going to be a home built before the year 2000. The age of homes can be important when buying, but it is also important when considering where to rent. Did you know that some homes still may have lead-based paint in them? Homes built prior to 1978 have to be sold with lead-based paint disclosures as a result of this.

Of the remaining 44% of homes that were not built between 15-54 years ago, 14% of the age of homes was between 0-14 years old. So, less than 15% of America’s homes have been built after 2000. Finally, 31% of the age of homes ranged from 55-95+ years.

Most markets if not all include the age of the home in the IRMLS. However, sometimes, the age of the home may be inaccurate as a result of poor paperwork, lost files, etc. If you are uncertain of the age of your home, consider these tips.

4 Tips on Determining The Age of Homes

1. Consider the architectual style – Different styles were used in different years and can give a range of years that the home was likely built.

2. Consider the building materials – What materials were used? How was the foundation built? What type of electricity runs in the house? These all can help determine a range on the age of homes.

3. Check the paperwork – Tax records are usually the most accurate records anywhere. Check the tax records as far back as possible. If there is a drastic change in the tax requirement, you can guess that either addittions were made or the home itself was built. You can also use the title to find people who can give you more information or help you determine the age of homes.

4. If it’s a home built in the last century, try checking the age of the toilet. Toilets are a pretty static-home-fixture and can give you another clue as to when the home was built.


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