New Chauncey Subdivision 2012 & 2013 Market Update

New Chauncey Subdivision is a neighborhood located in West Lafayette Indiana. A historic neighborhood, it is now quickly becoming a popular location due to it’s proximity to Purdue University. Many people want to use the homes in this neighborhood as rental properties while others are trying to prevent it from becoming a rental area and instead preserve it’s historic nature. Hence the reason the New Chauncey Housing Corporation was established.

New Chauncey Neighborhood 2012 & 2013 Update - The Romanski Group

New Chauncey Subdivision 2012 & 2013 Update

Orchard Heights had a typical year in 2013. With 10 homes that sold in 2013, the highest sales price ended up being $227,000. The lowest sales price was $83,500 creating a rather large range of values within this neighborhood. The average price range though was $131,790 which is just a little over the county average. The median was $130,400. The average days on market were 64 days with a high of 246 days and a low of 3 days.

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New Chauncey is a great neighborhood in a prime location. As such, the fact that there is little sales data to review is not a surprise. So, in order to get a little bit of a better view, instead of just reviewing 2013, we’re going back an additional year to 2012. We don’t normally like doing this, as it messes with perceptions as to what to expect in one year, but at this point, it’s necessary to get a well rounded view of the neighborhood.

In 2013 there was just one home that sold in New Chauncey subdivision. However in 2012 there were three homes that sold. Of these four homes, the highest sales price was $190,000 with a low of $147,750. The average sales price was $167,437 and a median of $166,000. The average days on market was 53 days with a high of 156 days and a low of 1 day. The median days on market was 29 days.

New Chauncey Market Snapshot

Highest Sales Price: $190,000

Lowest Sales Price: $147,750

Average Sales Price: $167,437

Median Sales Price: $166,000

Average Days on Market: 53 days

Median Days on Market: 29 days

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