114 W Washington New Richmond IN 47967 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

November 11th, 2014

114 W Washington New Richmond IN 47967 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

114 W Washington New Richmond IN - The Romanski Group - Listings for Sale in New Richmond IN

Being a college student had been costly, but was worth it. With an education and the internship, you had been able to land a job as a photographer for a newspaper in Lafayette Indiana. Your sister came along for this first trip to help you setup a few things in the house. But first, you wanted to take pictures. One of the reasons you bought 114 W Washington was because of how photogenic it currently was. There was a lot of character to this house. You wanted to capture it all before you moved in. Stock photos were always a quick way to make a few bucks.

Looking from the street at 114 W Washington, you smiled. The facade on the house was perfect. It was unique but well taken care of. The front porch really made this house welcoming. The faded brick helped make the paint on the front porch stand out and give it a sense of strength.

After getting in the first few photos of the front exterior, you went in and started taking pictures of the interior of the home. As a recent college graduate, you couldn’t have purhcased a better home for yourself. With three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and a home warranty, there was little concern over maintenance issues and lots of space to spread out in. One of the rooms would become a photography studio while the other would be an office. The third bedroom an actual bedroom.

It wasn’t long before photos were done (it was easy with no furniture in the way), and then the moving began. Moving from a college dorm to this house was incredible. This Christmas you were going to have to ask for furniture for 114 W Washington. 1700 square feet was a lot of space for one person to fill.

Your sister hinted at taking over the third bedroom to get out of the parents house, but you shook your head. “Your time will come soon, but 114 W Washington is mine. Give it five more years and we’ll see if you want to move in with me.”

The day ended with most of the boxes moved in, the furniture all put together, and a large pizza and a movie for the both of you. The new job started in a couple of days, but until then, you’d enjoy getting 114 W Washington
setup the way you liked it.

114 W Washington New Richmond IN - The Romanski Group - Listings for Sale in New Richmond IN

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106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

November 10th, 2014

106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906

106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group - Listings in West Lafayette Indiana

“It’s our second house, but we think it may be our last. We don’t intend to move again. This place is perfect. Sure! Tomorrow’s perfect. 106 Tamiami Trail. Yup! Ok, we’ll see you then!”

The phone conversation sounded lopsided, but knowing your mom, it was likely one of her friends from the home-school co-op you belonged to. You looked to her as she hung up the phone. “Tomorrow’s the day we’re supposed to visit grandma.”

She hesitated and then looked at the phone. “Well, we’ll go early to see grandma and be back before then. Have you finished y
our Algebra?”


“Sam! We setup the third bedroom to be an office for you so you could concentrate on your school work. Why don’t you have it done?”

You shrugged and quickly changed the subject, “Are we going to work on Japanese this week?”

“Not until you get to your Algebra!”

With a sigh, you resigned yourself to the inevitable and slunk off to the office in the 3rd bedroom. The other two bedrooms of 106 Tamiami Trail were actual bedrooms, but this one was the perfect place to focus in on schoolwork. At least, thats what your parents thought. That’s one of the reasons they bought 106 Tamiami Trail. On the pretense of gathering up laundry, you heard your mom going from room to room of the house trying to make sure you were doing your homework. With over 2,000 square feet, it took her a few minutes. But eventually she found you doing your homework just as she had intended.

She quietly left you to the homework and took the laundry to the laundry room. She then began cleaning up the rest of the house. The fireplace still needed cleaned as did the large foyer. Despite being here for two months now, the fireplace had only been used twice. The fall was turning out to be pretty moderate and things were rather busy. But the foyer was constantly getting used. So the foyer was the next thing to clean in 106 Tamiami Trail. The day wore on with more cleaning, but eventually you got up and decided to get some air. You went to the deck off the back of the house to finish up the rest of the Algebra only to find your mom already out there in her coat, enjoying the new patio set they had just bought.

You both quietly sat together for a few minutes just looking over the backyard before she asked, “So, what do you think of 106 Tamiami Trail?”

You answered, “It’s alright.”

“If we weren’t forcing you to do your homework in the office, what would you think of it then?”

“It’s the perfect home for us!”

She laughed. “Ah Sam. You’re such a teenager.”

“You’re such a mom.”

You both continued to enjoy the view for a few more minutes before she got up. “I’m going to go enjoy our new kitchen where I actually have room to cook. What do you want for lunch?”

106 Tamiami Trail West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group - Listings in West Lafayette Indiana


“Hotdogs it is! Finish your Algebra.”

You smiled. 106 Tamiami Trail certainly had changed things for the better. You pulled open your Algebra book and began reading.

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Small Bathroom Design – How To Love Every Corner

November 6th, 2014

Small bathroom designs can sometimes leave a person…unimpressed. The lack of a well-thought-out small bathroom design can be a major detraction for potential buyers. So, whether you are building a home with a new-home builder or remodeling a small bathroom before going on the market, we wanted to provide you with some ideas on small bathroom design that may help you sell your home!

Small Bathroom Design

FineHomeBuilding.com asks a question along the lines of, ‘Have you ever pulled back the curtain in your bathroom and felt like it gave a face-lift to your bathroom?’ They are right, aren’t they? The moment you pull that curtain back, you feel like your bathroom just got a lot bigger and has more life to it.

Because of that “expansion” feeling, they suggest that you use wet spaces with floor drains rather than a customary shower. A wet space is typically an area within the bathroom that is tiled or setup to handle lots of moister without having a “fixture” to contain the water in.

Small Bathroom Design - Full Bathroom Shower

Image courtesy of http://www.trendir.com/interiors/open-shower-bathroom-design-with-arched-ceiling.html

Consider using fixtures with open spaces. Use a floating sink, or with a base that uses metal bars that you can use to double as a towel rack. Or, better yet, setup towel racks above a bathtub or inside the shower. Don’t be afraid to do similar things with mirrors.



Have a lot of stuff that you want in your bathroom? Make sure to use lots of quality storage units that take advantage of the floor to ceiling space. Another consideration in small bathroom design is using a single sink with an elongated countertop rather than trying to fit in dual-sinks.

One of the keys to small bathroom design is light. The more light in a small area, the bigger it will feel. If there are no natural options for lighting, make sure to setup light fixtures that are still in-line with the style of the bathroom, but put out a lot of light.

Small Bathroom Design - Horizontal Lines - Photo Courtesy of National Kitchen and Bath Association

Photo Courtesy of National Kitchen and Bath Association

Finally, consider using paint, tiling, or other fixtures to create a “continuous” feel to the room. Use horizontal lines on the wall that extend into all areas of the bathroom without interruption. Allow the floor tiling to extend into wet-spaces or showers. Long mirrors also could be used to give the small bathroom design a “bigger feel”.


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1925 Morton Street Lafayette IN 47904 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

November 5th, 2014

1925 Morton Street Lafayette IN 47904 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

1925 Morton Street - The Romanski Group - Listings for Sale in Lafayette IN

You put your vehicle in park as you came to a stop in front of your house. Looking over 1925 Morton Street, you realized that it had almost been two years since you bought the home. You smiled, knowing how much had changed in your life over those two years. You finished up your engineering degree at Purdue University and had begun working at Caterpillar, a local manufacturing plant. The mone
y that you were making as an engineer was making it easy to pay the already low mortgage down faster and in another handful of years, you’d be able to focus on making this home a great rental. But for now, it was a great home.

You got out of your car and walked into 1925 Morton Street, making sure that the cat meowing at your feet got in to before closing the door. It was likely to be a cold November night and this cat was not used to being outside all night. Flipping on the lights in the living room and kitchen, you then went to the fireplace, set a match to the tinder you had setup in the fireplace before leaving for work earlier in the day, and smiled. A warm fire, a little television, and some light reading before bed would help bring the night to another pleasant close.

1925 Morton Street - The Romanski Group - Listings for Sale in Lafayette IN 3

You built the fire up and began putting stuff away, acknowledging the cat’s cry for food from the 2nd bathroom, her normal hangout. Checking each of the 3 bedrooms, you made sure everything was where it should be. 1925 Morton Street was the perfect place to call home.

With a sigh, you wheeled your wheelchair to the kitchen where you pulled a soda from the fridge, and then positioned yourself in front of the fireplace with the book you had left there the night before. You began reading only to find the cat in your lap, purring away. “Don’t get too comfy cat. I’m going to bed soon.” The cat looked back at you and meowed. “1925 Morton Street is my castle, not yours. You’ll abide my rules.” You smiled despite the stern tone and stroked the cats ears.

The night dwindled away with a few hours of reading and the crackling of the fire. But before long, it was time to call it a night. You turned out the lights throughout the house, stopping in the kitchen again to quickly put away the dishes into the dishwasher. The kitchen was just the right size for a small family, yet another thing you were about to add to your life in the next couple of months. Life here at 1925 Morton Street was definitely going to be sweet!


1925 Morton Street - The Romanski Group - Listings for Sale in Lafayette IN  2


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Spilling the Beans: 5 Secrets of Lafayette’s Coffee Scene

November 4th, 2014

Spilling the Beans:  5 Secrets of Lafayette’s Coffee Scene


1.  Sacred Grounds Reclaimed

Sacred Grounds - Greater Lafayette Coffee Shop - The Romanski Group - Spilling the Beans: 5 Secrets of Lafayette's Coffee Scene

Image taken from: https://www.facebook.com/sacredgrounds.


You really have to be lost to find this place….it’s off the beating path at 724 Wabash Ave..What used to be a topless bar is now home to a faith based coffee shop and music venue…that has had a positive impact on the neighborhood….the style and decor (like the name) is reclaimed and has been used to create a unique hip vibe. The lunch menu is all homemade and generous in portion and drinks are made with love….one drink you will not find on the menu is the Chocolate Covered Cherry. Check out this secret of Lafayette!


2.  Java Jo’z –

Java Jo'z - Spilling the Beans: 5 Secrets of Lafayette's Coffee Scene -  Secrets of Lafayette

Image taken from: http://www.javajozcoffee.com/

Looking for a warm and fuzzy feeling? The owner’s Rob and Marsha and their staff will always greet you with a smile and try to bring a whole new level to customer service by seeking to remember the names of all those who buy from them.  This secret of Lafayette’s Coffee Scene not only provides quality coffee but inspirational quotes on each of their drinks; warm and fuzzy indeed!  In a hurry?  Use their drive-thru, or take a minute and enjoy their outdoor seating. And if you like the flavor but know you won’t be able to make the drive, buy some of their self-roasted beans to use at home!  Need a change in drinks?  Try their all-natural smoothies – our favorite is the Pear Peach Pineapple Smoothie!!!  Be sure to grab a frequent-buyer rewards card.  Located at 1221 S. Creasy Lane, Lafayette IN  47905


3.  Star City: Coffee and Ale House –

Star City Coffee & Ale House - The Romanski Group - Spilling the Beans: 5 Secrets of Lafayette's Coffee Scene -

A photo of the Hot Chocolate at Star City Coffee & Ale House. Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/StarCityCoffeeAleHouse.

If you blink you’ll miss it…. Snuggled in between Red Seven and the main entrance of the Renaissance center at 210 Main St  this little gem could easily be missed if your driving in a car!!! Star City Coffee and Ale House sends your taste buds flying with cupcakes that aren’t so easily found in other parts of Lafayette… Italian Creme and avocado lime  are some of the coolest flavors we have ever heard found.  A cool atmosphere with a blend of clients from hipsters to bankers.  Everyone is welcome. Their crew knows coffee and are super friendly!  Grab a Hot Chocolate and take a stroll through downtown Lafayette and through Riehle Plaza to West Lafayette!


4.  Greyhouse

Greyhouse Coffee and Supply Co - Greater Lafayette Coffee Shop - The Romanski Group

Photo taken from: http://greyhousecoffee.com/.


If you enjoy the caramelized taste of a Creme Brûlée you need to have the  Barista at Grey House Coffee and Supply Co. create you a Creme Brulee latte! Then sit down and check out their menu of specialty crepes and gelato while hanging with your friends in this sweet space with brick walls, a huge blackboard with birthday greetings, lovely artwork and private rooms available for special occasions or meetings!  Situated in Purdue’s Chauncey Village at 100 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette IN 47906 you won’t be disappointed by this secret of Lafayette!


5.  Starbucks

Starbucks - The Romanski Group - Spilling the Beans: 5 Secrets of Lafayette's Coffee Scene -

Taken from: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+starbucks/posts


Toffee Nut Latte When you think of secrets you don’t typically think of a national brand, but believe it or not, even Starbucks has their secrets. While you may not see it on the menu, Starbucks has a drink that packs a flavorful punch. So, you might splurge a bit on the Toffee Nut Latte. And it appears you may not even have to drive to get it. The latest news seems to be that Starbucks will begin making deliveries. So, try out this Secret of Lafayette’s coffee scene.


Search for HOMES now while sipping on one of these drinks!!



Indiana Real Estate Sale – Oct 2014 Listings

November 3rd, 2014

Looking to see what Indiana Real Estate Sales you can find? One of the things we try to do on a regular basis is make sure that our listings are getting blogged on. It helps make sure that those who are looking for the Indiana Real Estate Sales can find our listings and we can find the buyer for that property. It’s an important part of our marketing strategy. So, we’re going to take a little bit of time and share with you our current Indiana Real Estate Sales.

Indiana Real Estate Sales – Current Listings for October 2014

3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Houses for sale in West Lafayette Indiana 47906

Address: 3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906

List Price: $209,900                                              Current Price: $209,900


This unique 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home sits on nearly a quarter acre of property in the highly-sought-after neighborhood University Farms! The customized feel of this home sets it apart as a home to remember. Enjoy a wood-burning fireplace in the spacious living room or cook up a storm in the tiled kitchen with tons of counter-top space! Well cared for and beautiful! MUST SEE HOME!


6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Homes for sale in West Lafayette

Address: 6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906

List Price: $225,000                                             Current Price: $225,000


Awesome country setting. Enjoy sunsets on the deck. 2 very spacious living rooms. Huge eat in kitchen perfect for family get-togethers.

2400 O'Bannon Lane Lafayette IN 47909 - The Romanski Group - Listings - Houses for Sale in Lafayette Indiana

Address: 2400 O’Bannon Lane Lafayette IN 47909

List Price: $224,900                                               Current Price: $224,900


8.63 ACRES of grass, prairie and wildflowers in LAFAYETTE is the setting for this beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, tri-level plus a basement! 24×24 metal barn, 24×72 quonset-hut-style barn with 14 ft doors on both ends for an RV! Relax this fall on the deck or patio overlooking this amazing setting!! SEE IT TODAY!


922 Brick N Wood Lafayette IN 47909 - The Romanski Group - Potential Lifestyle Blog

Address: 922 Brick N Wood Drive Lafayette IN 47909

List Price: $144,900                                               Current Price: $144,900


Imagine finding a unique home, with great neighbors, situated near parks, and is a combination of quality and value. Now add to that a large, fenced in back-yard, 3 bedrooms, two baths, and a unique floorplan and exterior. Well, you don’t have to imagine any more! This is that home! Master-bathroom was updated and roof was replaced in 2013. In 2009-2010, sellers replaced windows, the sliding door, and carpet! The home comes with an irrigation system as well. The sellers are even including a home warranty! Call for a showing before someone else finds out about this property!

112 N Barr Street Crawfordsville IN 47933

Address: 112 N Barr Street Crawfordsville IN 47933

List Price: $99,900                                               Current Price: $99,900


Charming home in a great location! Many updates inside and out! Partial finished basement with a family room! Extra large detached garage! Brand new privacy fenced backyard with a large deck!


8304 S 350 E Lafayette IN 47909 - The Romanski Group Listings

Address: 8304 S 350 E Lafayette IN 47909

List Price: $174,900                                               Current Price: $174,900


Beautiful scenic wooded setting on over 1.5 acres backing up to the Wea Creek! Walk-out ranch with partially finished basement! Large pole barn (36×28)! Relax on the elevated deck or in the gazebo looking out onto the small stream running through the property! New roof and well pump in the last few years! Includes a 1 year HWA Home Warranty at closing!

1806 Central Street Lafayette IN 47905 - The Romanski Group - Homes For Sale

Address: 1806 Central Street Lafayette IN 47905

List Price: $103,900                                               Current Price: $99,900


Full of character and charm!!! Beautifully updated ranch with 3 bedrooms! Meticulously maintained! Updates include: roof, carpet, kitchen, bath, C/A, furnace, windows and more! 2-car garage plus a carport! Privacy fenced yard. Great location near schools, shopping, and more!


3139 Chivalry Drive Lafayette Indiana - The Romanski Group

Address: 3139 Chivalry Drive Lafayette IN 47909

List Price: $134,900                                               Current Price: $129,900


Must see this like new home built in 2012! Large eat-in kitchen opens to the patio! 2nd floor loft area! Both full baths have double lavs. No rear neighbors!

5596 Bingham Drive - The Romanski Group

Address: 5596 Bingham Drive Lafayette IN 47905

List Price: $127,000                                              Current Price: $127,000


Great location near schools, shopping, I-65 and hospitals! 2-story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms and a 2-car attached garage!


826 Willow Drive - The Romanski Group - Top Real Estate Agents in Greater Lafayette

Address: 826 Willow Drive Lafayette IN 47905

List Price: $90,000                                               Current Price: $79,900


Quaint 3 bedroom 1 bath home with 1 car garage. In Laf ay ette School district! Well maintained!


33 Goldersgreen Drive - The Romanski Group

Address: 33 Goldersgreen Lafayette IN 47905

List Price: $154,900                                                Current Price: $129,900


Fantastic 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home with storage unit and sun room. Windows are BEE windows (energy efficient). There is a beautiful fireplace in the living room, a cozy porch at the main entrance, and a fenced in backyard. Very well cared for home in a great school system and neighborhood!

40 Guinevere Court - The Romanski Group

Address: 40 Guinevere Court Lafayette IN 47905

List Price: $224,900                                               Current Price: $219,900


Beautiful 4 bedroom home in Camelot is situated on a cul-de-sac lot that is nearly a half-acre. This home has an incredible amount of space. Very well-landscaped with a basketball hoop and a deck out back. Perfect for those who like to be outdoors or who like a lot of space indoors to spread out in! The kitchen and great room are open concept and the focal point is a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. There are four generous bedrooms upstairs including the owner’s suite with a newly remodeled master bath with custom tile work, large walk-in shower and Quartz counters. The lower level is finished and offers a large family room, storage and laundry. The owners have made many updates over the last 10 years including: attic access with pull down stairs, installing a crawl space entrance inside the basement, rebuilt chimney, gutter-helmets on upper gutters, new Heat Pump and pressure tank. Neighborhood pool, tennis courts and sport fields.


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Indiana Real Estate Sale Information is updated live on our search engine. 

3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

October 31st, 2014

3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

“I believe coffee should be part of my prescription. I mean, it is a bean, right?!” This was the third time she had used that joke, but you didn’t care. She was such a good friend and so fun-loving. It made even the best of days seem better. You smiled at her and responded, “You are obviously addicted my dear. Coffee does come from a bean, but your four packets of sugar with every mug of coffee doesn’t help your diabetes. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to show you around 3035 Sullivan Street before we get down to business.”

She grinned, “Very well. Let us see this castle of yours.”

3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Houses for sale in West Lafayette Indiana 47906

Taking her by the hand, you led her to the front door and walked her through 3035 Sullivan Street as though she hadn’t just seen a good portion of the house already.

“This is the main entrance,” you exclaimed with joy in your heart.

“Obviously,” the smile made the curt response a joke.

“Snarky today hrm?”

“Define snarky.”



“Yes. Let’s move along.”

You then led her to the living room, saying, “Can you guess what this room is?”

“The living room. Great natural lighting and open concept. Wood burning fireplace with practical recessed lighting. Great carpet and lots of space. This is great. It really is.”

Smiling, you then took her to the kitchen.

“Lots of countertop space!”

3035 Sullivan Street West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Houses for sale in West Lafayette Indiana 47906

You continued to show your friend around the house, room by room.3035 Sullivan Street was still a mess but she didn’t mind. After moving in last year, you had largely left it packed up for this very visit. As an interior decorator, she knew exactly how to make this home feel like a home. Being your friend, she already knew your style, likes, and dislikes.

When you got to the master bathroom, she paused a moment. “This is a very unique house, but this bathroom especially. I’ve not seen one like this in the 15 years I’ve been an interior decorator. I like it!”

“I’m glad! But if you don’t get 3035 Sullivan Street feeling like a home in a week, you’re fired according to my husband.”

“He doesn’t know me very well does he?”

“We can change that. So, what do you think?”

“It’s a great home sweet-heart! I’ll have it done in enough time for you to show me around Purdue Campus…maybe I can find my next husband while I’m here too.”

You both started laughing. Being close to Purdue was part of the reason you picked this place, but so was the fact that it was in such a great neighborhood. It wasn’t long before the empty walls and boxes were replaced with incredible decorations, pictures, and furniture from the local furniture store. The first day of decorating was done!

Does 3035 Sullivan Street sound like a home you would enjoy seeing? Call us today for a showing at 765-239-9110!

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6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

October 30th, 2014

6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906 – Potential Lifestyle Blog

6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Homes for sale in West Lafayette

Music was playing in the background. 6415 N 375 W was quickly smelling good. Running into the kitchen, you threw your hands up in the air and yelled, “Mommy! Pick up?!” The woman who looked down at you grinned and reached down to pick you up.

“Okay little one. I will pick you up. What shall I do with you now that I have you up?”

You pointed to the food on the counter and asked, “Gummy Bear?”

She sighed with amusement, “That’s cranberry sauce. You can have a bite. But then I have to get back to cooking. Everyone is coming over for Thanksgiving! And I still need to clean 6415 N 375 W !”

“Papap? Nana?’

“Yes, they are coming too!”

She set you down and continued to work on the meals she had been preparing. She exclaimed to no-one in particular, “I LOVE having enough space to cook!!”

After she finished putting the turkey back in the oven, she went into the first of two living rooms and sat down. “Care to cuddle for a minute while we wait for everyone to get here?”

“No, no! Play!”


She grinned but quietly rested on the couch, as she watched the ceiling fan turn and looked out the window to the 1 acre of land surrounding the property. “I’m so glad we bought this place!”

You turned to play with some toys when the phone rang. “Hi dad! No, it’s 6415 N 375 W ! No, west, not east! 6415 N 375 W ! Ok, see you in a bit. Love you.”

She set the phone down and said, “That was papap and Nana. They are almost here. Let’s go get you changed.”

6415 N 375 W West Lafayette IN 47906 - The Romanski Group Listings - Homes for sale in West Lafayette

You lifted your arms expectantly and were lifted up and carried to the 2nd floor to one of three bedrooms in the house. She quickly changed your clothes and then took you to the main bedroom back on the main floor and changed her own clothes.

“Alright little one. They’ll be here soon. Are you ready for lots of food?”

“Eat! Eat!”

The doorbell rang and the door opened. A crisp fall air came in and cooled the house a bit while the house erupted in smiles, laughter, and a festive mood.

‘Papap’ came in and immediately said, “I thought you said east!”

‘Nana’ was quick to follow behind and said, “No dear, she clearly said 6415 N 375 W ! Now, where’s your bathroom dear? Your father’s detour took an extra hour to get us here!”

“Go to the kitchen over there mom and you’ll see it. Dad, can you come in and fix a part of the trim in the second living room?”


“Already putting me to work?! Alright. But why a second living room? Why not an office?”

“We have an office. Upstairs. David’s actually up there now.”

“Why isn’t he fixing the trim?”

“Because he’s working on his dissertation and trying to finish up some projects for work.”

“Hopefully he likes Purdue University for more than their sports teams.”

She rolled her eyes and looked down to you. “Can you show Papap where your toys are?”

He winked at you and you quickly took him to the second living room yelling “Papap” the entire way. It wasn’t long before the house was filled with other people and everyone was sitting around the table in the large eat-in kitchen. The afternoon ended with food, laughter, and  a nap for everyone except papap who found a few more projects to work on around 6415 N 375 W .

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Student Loan Debt and The Effect On Housing

October 29th, 2014

Student loan debt is becoming an increasing problem in our culture. While students seek to better themselves with a college education, the increasing cost of a college education continues to require a need to lean on student loan debt. But this student loan debt is creating an obvious financial burden that is making it difficult for students to put money into other sectors of the economy.

Student Loan Debt

Gary Keller announced at the 2014 Mega Agent Camp for Keller Williams that in 2003 consumer debt was just over two trillion dollars with student loans accounting for less than .25 trillion. The amount has increasingly accounted for more and more of the debt burden.

Student Loan Debt - The Romanski Group

In 2014, consumer debt has increased to 3 trillian dollars with student debt accounting for more than 1 trillian dollars. The student loan debt burden then has increased by more than 400% while the total debt burden has only increased by 50%. This obviously is an increasing problem.

Why is the increased student loan debt a problem? While student loan debt increases, students who in the past would have graduated and been able to buy a home are now having to focus more and more on paying off student loan debt. This means there are less eligible buyers.

Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur who is famous for his role on the television show Shark Tank, suggests that the single biggest problem our economy faces is the student loan “bubble”. He said that all the other stuff we are doing to try to fix our economy is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. To fix the problem, he suggests that we limit the amount of student loans that a student is allowed to take out on their own.

Student loans thus could potentially have an effect on real estate in the future. But we also have to remind you that you should use wisdom in allowing information like this to effect any real estate decisions you may be making in the future. Real estate is a limited asset and while student loan debt may cause a shift in the market, real estate is a limited asset and is governed by the basic economic law of supply and demand.


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3 Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette

October 28th, 2014

3 Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette

Lafayette is really growing. As a neighbor to West Lafayette and Purdue University, we’re always attracting attention on a national scale. But with companies like SIA, GE, Wabash National, and many others, we’re seeing a huge influx in the number of people, jobs, and companies in our area. As we grow, it’s important to remember what makes Lafayette great. So today, I wanted to take a minute and look at three of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Lafayette.


My 3 Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette

DT Kirby's - Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette - The Romanski Group

DT Kirby’s – If you want a great place to have lunch, you’ll not find a greasier bar-join  in town. But you’ll also have a hard time finding food this good or diverse. DT Kirby’s is first and foremost a bar. But it does a great job of moonlighting as a restaurant. The reason it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Lafayette is because of their creativity. Their burgers can come with every side item they have stacked on it or as a typical bacon cheese burger. You can get a Chicago style Hot Dog (just don’t ask for Ketchup), or you can feast on some incredibly greasy, but tasty, onion rings. Need a potty break? Stop in the porta-potty’s and have your breath taken away (not literally)! You really need to find out why DT Kirby’s is one of my favorite restaurants, so go see it today!



La Scala - Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette - The Romanski Group

La Scala’s – La Scala’s is one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Lafayette for completely opposite reasons as to why I like DT Kirby’s. Not someone who enjoys the “dive” atmosphere? This is where you’ll probably want to go. La Scala’s is an Italian restaurant that seeks to bring a high-quality food at a reasonable price. With a large amount of quality selections in terms of dishes, and a farm to fork initiative (using ingredients locally grown with no chemicals used), this place is quality in all the right places.

Website: http://www.lascalaitalianrestaurant.com/

Bruno Dough - Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Lafayette - The Romanski Group

Bruno’s Pizza and Big O’s Sports Room

While not techincally in downtown lafayette, it is a favorite restaurant in downtown lafayette (west lafayette)! If you’re looking for a place to go to fill up on pizza and sports, this is probably one of the best places to go. Not only are you surrounded by a great atmosphere, but there is a great deal of good food. Try a pizza, but don’t forget the Bruno Dough! A family owned restaurant, you end up supporting a great tradition by eating here. We highly recommend it!



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